• Understand the biological and bio-inspired locomotion
    • Develop quick yet reliable design guideline for Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) design and optimization
    • Experimental investigation of maneuverability and efficiency in butterfly flight using motion capture system
    • Numerical code development, simulations and theoretical analysis of flapping wings
    • Fluid-structure-dynamics interaction
  • Extend the numerical capability and physical understanding to various complex, multi-disciplinary, physical systems: e.g. 
    • hemodynamics
    • wind turbines
    • unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles

Current Research Topics
           Madhu Sridhar, Chang-kwon Kang, Brian Landrum

           Madhu Sridhar, Louis Salmon, Chang-kwon Kang

           Deepa Kodali, Louis Salmon, Chang-kwon Kang

           James Bluman, Chang-kwon Kang