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Theoretical Modeling of Flapping Wings

  • Model and analyze the aerodynamic performance e.g. lift, thrust, and efficiency of flapping wings as a function of wing structural parameters and wing kinematics.
  • Understand the role of flexible wings in biological flight.
  • Test the hypothesis that a universal optimal bending mode exists in flying and swimming.
Approach - Fluid Structure Interaction

  • Dr. Chang-kwon Kang, Assistant Professor, MAE
  • PhD Student: Deepa Kodali
  • M.S Student: Louis Salmon
  • Developed an analytical model for the lift and wing deformation of a chord wise flexible flapping wing in hover.
  • Evaluated aerodynamic performance of the wing using the mathematical model for various motion frequencies and with different flexibilities.
  • Comprehensive comparisons against numerical computations.
Future Work
  • Develop an analytical model for flexible flapping wing in forward flight and evaluate the aerodynamic performance.
  • Universal optimal bending mode in flying and swimming.